Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doomed to Repeat: An Allegory of History

When you think about history, the first thing most people think of is huge textbooks with very dry and boring writing about how great a person the President was and what kind of tree they chopped down or what log cabin they lived in. This leaves all the interesting stories and controversial events to be desired. Well here at Doomed to Repeat, we refuse to duplicate this rubbish that people call history and we plan to look at the intriguing historical stories and people that changed the world for better or worse. Its important that we understand exactly what George Santayana meant when he said, "Those who can't remember the past, are condemned to repeat it". This means when humans create their own history (swim in the spoils), then we will not learn from the past and the same problems and conflicts will keep coming up over and over again. So fasten your seat belts and hold onto the wheel as we venture through the streets of history and do some window shopping. Hopefully you learn something new along the way.

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