Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I learned from drinking Craft Beer - Mad Anthony Wayne

When I lived in Erie, PA, I quaffed quite a few local beers. While I enjoyed the stronger Railbender and the crisp Presque Isle Pilsner, I was most intrigued by Mad Anthony's Ale. This beer was named for "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who served as a general under George Washington in the Revolutionary War and took fort after fort for the United States in the late 1700's.
Wayne even established Fort Recovery, which is a great Centro-Matic album. Mad Anthony died from complications from gout, a disease both Jesse and I hold dear here at Doomed to Repeat.

Not trying to diminish the good General's achievements freedom-fighting for the United fact Wayne's vistory at Fallen Timbers ended for all time the power of the British on American soil... but the real interesting part comes after his death. 13 years after Wayne was buried in Erie, PA, his son decided that his father should be buried in the family burial plot in Radnor, PA. When the coffin was opened, the body had not decomposed! The Mad general's body was burned in a large kettle, to separate the bones from the flesh. So, Mad Anthony Wayne is buried in two places. I've visited his burial site in Erie, and seen the replica kettle used to boil his bones at the Erie Historical Society.
(Right now, you can listen to his story on their website).
Fascinating man, fascinating history!

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